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<p>PHENYLPIRACETAM + DMAE is a preparation that enhances the effect of both components and has been developed to support mental performance.<br><br>
Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic substance belonging to the racetam family. Taking Phenylpiracetam improves memory, cognitive functions and facilitates the uptake of new information. In addition, the mental and physical energy levels are increased.<br><br>
DMAE (dimethylethanolamine) is a natural substance found in some foods and in the body. It is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in increased mental work. The proper level of DMAE is also important to maintain emotional balance and increase resistance to stress.</p>
Basic advantages:</p>
concentration support</li>
memory improvement</li>
better mental performance</li>
rising energy levels</li>
anxiolytic effect</li>
better blood flow to the brain</li>
Improvement of motor coordination</li>
<br><div style="font-size:14px">
<ul style="list-style-type:none">
One serving: 2-3 capsules</li>
Application: 1-2x daily</li>
after the meal</li>
Daytime: in the morning / during the day</li>
Cycles: 6 weeks use - 3 weeks break</li>
<br> <div style="font-size:12px;">
Ingredients for one serving (2 capsules)</p>
<ul style="list-style-type:none">
-100 mg phenylpyracetam 99%</li>
- 500 mg DMAE 99% (bitartrate)</li>
</ul> <br>
Ingredients for a capsule:
</p> <ul style="list-style-type:none">
50 mg phenylpyracetam 99%</li>
- 250 mg DMAE 99% (bitartrate)</li>
The pack contains 30 capsules.</b><br><br><div style="font-size:12px;"> The product should not be combined with medications or should be taken by pregnant or nursing women and those under the age of 18 years.<br>Dietary supplements should not be considered a substitute for a balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle.<br>The above information is not a medical advice and should not be taken as a recommendation for use of the supplement. Always consult a doctor or specialist before using supplements, herbal or nootropics.</div></div></div></div>

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